Are you a company wanting to advertise a job offer or interact with students at SSE?  The Business Committee is happy to help.

The Business Committee offers both the possibility to arrange company events and to market information and opportunities to students.

Events can be held on campus or at an external location of your choice. The price varies depending on size. The key account managers can help and advice on matters such as what size and location is suitable for the event in question. Please contact the President of the Business Committee,, to learn more and to be put in contact with the responsible individuals.

To market your company further, numerous marketing channels are on offer. The Business Committee offers email dispatches, posters at the premises of SASSE and exposure on social medias. The dispatches are filtered after year of study.  Please contact our Head of Communication,, for more information.


Carl Kugelberg                     
+46(0)70 725 66 06

Christofer Ljunggren                                                                                                
Vice President & Partner Relations                                                                                                                                                                   
+46(0)70 389 09 17                                                                                                      

Nicole Espelund
Company Relations – Consulting
+46(0)70 615 30 14

Jakob Engdahl                                                                                                           
Company Relations – Financial                                                                                                                                                       
+46(0)73 087 84 24

Andrea Risberg
Business Development
+46(0)73 623 00 55                                                                                                       

Elina Durefors
BC Corporate Events
+46(0)76 811 71 67

Ebba Sjöstrand                                                                                                         
BC Communication and Internal Events
+46(0)70 844 49 02